Terms of use.


The Company Emmanouil Michalakis ΑΒEGΤΚΕ, places to your disposal the online store “eshop.michalakis.gr” to purchase products displayed in its websites.

By visiting the website ”eshop.michalakis.gr” or by using material from these websites, you accept following terms, due to that the Terms of use govern the rights and obligations regarding the website/ online store “eshop.michalakis.gr” and the contractual relationship between the ”eshop.michalakis.gr” and its members/ users. Please note that you are not allowed to use the website, if you don’t accept the following terms and if you are younger than 18 years old, as required by law. Furthermore, with each entry in the website/ online store “eshop.michalakis.gr” , whether as visitor or as member, you certify again your agreement with these Terms of use.

1. Intellectual property

The content of this website is intellectual property of the online store eshop.michalakis.gr. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. All intellectual property rights of the present website belong to the online store eshop.michalakis.gr or to third parties, legally concerned. By accessing this website, you agree and accept the aforementioned Intellectual property Laws.

Names, pictures, logos and distinctive features, which represent the online store eshop.michalakis.gr or third parties and the products, are exclusively features of the online store eshop.michalakis.gr or of third parties, protected by the regarding Trademark Laws. Their appearance in the website shall not be understood as a transfer or granting licenses or right of use.

Any copy, distribution, transfer, processing, resale, creation of derivative works or misleading of the public regarding the real website content provider, is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, downloading, announcement, distribution or broadcasting or any other use of the Content for any purpose or mean for commercial or other purposes, is only allowed prior written consent of the online store eshop.michalakis.gr or any other copyright holder.

2. Personal data


The Company Emmanouil Michalakis ABEGTKE with headquarters in the Industrial Area of Heraklion, Street Ρ, 71601 Heraklion, with Greek VAT-Number 099708090, legally represented (hereinafter: «The Company»), in compliance with the existing legislation on Personal data protection– in the applicable version-, has designed and follows policies, practices and procedures, aimed to rational use of provided personal data in any legal way and any legal mean, confidentiality and privacy protection, in such way that the unimpeded exercising of these rights can be secured.

The information in question are collected mainly whether online (through the Company’s website, social media, etc.) on within the frame of the Company’s professional/commercial activity and its direct contacts with customers or potential customers or through communication/cooperation with any third party.

The Company’s purpose is to collect personal data, which are provided voluntarily by their entities, in order to provide services in the best possible way, best possible products, as well as to maintain a good communication with them, by informing them about offers or purchase occasions, providing them useful information, reminders, etc.

The disclosure of your personal data to our Company, allows us to improve the experience offered to you and the interaction between us. If “we understand you” we can interact more efficiently and better with you.

Please read carefully the present Terms, in order to learn more about how we collect, store, use, transmit and protect the received information/ personal data:

1. Ways of collection personal data

Our Company collects or may collect personal data of entities (hereinafter «Users») by (indicative):

Visit, registration or login to the Company’s website eshop.michalakis.gr, (hereinafter: «Website»).

Communication with the Company by electronic means (telephone, e-mail, social media, etc.) for drafting and sending offers, receiving orders, for on-site purchases, for submitting questions or complaints at the Company’s Customer Care Department, for opening a customer file, for your registration as member in loyalty or bonus programs, etc.

Purchase of products through the online store (e-shop),

Participation at actions through the website or social media, regarding the Company’s promotions (for example participation at competitions, if you click “like” on something or you share such action, etc.),

Application to receive written messages on your mobile telephone/ device,

Registration for the Company’s newsletter,

Login through social media accounts (e.g. by using your Facebook or Google credentials in order to create an account or to login),

Cookies which are stored on your computer or mobile device, while you visit our website or our social media pages (please see for more details below, under no. 3)
Tracking social media trends (Social Listening): The Company may search for respective and published content in the Internet and use it for product improvement, customer problems resolving and provision of personalized advertisement.

Receiving personalized messages, special offers and advertisements regarding your interests, based on information communicated to us and information collected by Cookies or similar techniques, regarding the use of the Company’s websites/social media/blogs. For more information on how Cookies are used, please see below.

Personal data of minors: Our Company does not trade in any way nor is directed to minors. Therefore, there is no question about collection and receiving personal data of minors in general.

Sensible personal data: Our Company does not collect nor require sensible personal data, unless those which you provide voluntarily and freely to the Company or third parties.

2. Security

The Company is aware of the meaning of personal data security, as well as electronic transactions and it takes all necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, in order to secure the highest safety for the User. All information, regarding the User’s personal data is safe. We receive your personal data, only if you decide so.

Security is achieved by following methods:

Identification:Two User’s identification fields are used: the login ID (E-mail or username) and the Personal secret security code (password), which provide complete secure entry every time they are used. The User is the only one who has access to his data through the above mentioned secret code and he/she alone is responsible for maintaining secrecy and withholding them from third parties. In case of loss or leakage, you must immediately inform the Company, otherwise the Company is not responsible for any use by unauthorized persons. The Company recommends for safety reasons, that the User changes his password frequently and to avoid easily traceable codes (e.g. date of birth or telephone number). Furthermore, it is advisable to use besides letters, numbers and symbols (e.g. $^*#@!_) while creating a password.

Ensuring Confidentiality during the transfer of your Personal Data:

In order to ensure confidentiality during the transfer of your personal data, an encryption protocol is used.

Controlled access: Access to the Company’s systems (servers) is controlled by firewalls, which allow the use of certain services by the User, prohibiting at the same time, access to systems and data bases with the Company’s confidential data and information.

Encryption: By the use of special software the Company’s online store decrypts the received information first, prior their processing. The Company’s systems send information, following the same encryption procedure. Wherever in the website you insert your personal data (e.g. password, E-mail, addresses, telephone numbers, credit card number, etc.) encryption does exist. Encryption is a way of information codification, so that it arrives secure and safe to the specific recipient, who is able to decrypt it by using the suitable key. During the order and provided you logged in in your account with your identifying entry code and personal secret security code, the whole communication between your computer and the Company’s systems is encrypted as described.

Confidentiality of Transactions:Confidentiality is self-evident for us. Basic principles who govern classic transactions, apply as well for the online transaction with the Company. All information transmitted by then User is confidential and the Company has taken all necessary measures to keep them safe and use them only to the extend necessary to perform the contract and provide the goods. The User is obliged to prevent any disclosure of this information, as well as of his access data to third parties.

Personal data breaches by third parties: In the unforeseen case of such a breach, the Company informs immediately the User, as well as the competent Authority within 72 hours from the determination of the breach.

3. Purpose of Personal Data Processing

Your personal data are not used for other purposes except those who are laid down in these terms and which are provided by you, unless we receive your consent or this is required or permitted by law. The Company collects only personal data, that are necessary for satisfying your applications, to provide you the chosen products under the best conditions and with the most effective way for you, to achieve a personalized service experience, to remind you about important pending issues/ actions you have to take care of, to inform you about news you may be interested in, for offers or discounts, promotions and communication actions by the Company. Wherever additional, optional information is required, you will be informed at the time of the personal data collection. Services of the Company through the present website require processing the User’s personal data by the Company in the framework of performing the contract between the Company and the User.

Creation of account: When the User creates an account, the Company collects the content and further information he is providing. More specifically we collect information, such as:

Your name,

Your E-mail address,

Your address,

Your telephone number,

Your age

Information about the chosen products (customer history)

Purpose of collecting these data is the creation of a user account, in order to enable the communication between the Company and the specific User, to whom these personal data belong, as well as the completion of the transactions between him/her and the Company.

Purchasing goods: The Company collects information regarding purchases and realized transactions in general. This information include data regarding purchased products, customer’s history, special information provided to us regarding your needs and preferences, payments (e.g. account number, credit or debit card number and other information regarding the User’s card), as well as other information regarding the account, authentication, charges and contact data. These data are used like these at usual transactions, which regard the safe completion of the transactions and the User’s information, within the framework of the performance of the contract.

Communication with the customer through phone or similar media (E-mail etc.): Personal data are collected by the Company due to the provided services in prior stages (e.g. drafting of offers, etc.) or at more mature stages (receiving orders, making appointments, sale of goods, opening a customer file, etc.). Purpose of the personal data collection and processing is facilitating the execution of the corresponding transaction, optimizing your services, provision of personalized service experience by our Company, as well as the creation of a communication channel with you, so that you can receive important reminders and information on discounts, offers, news, to enjoy special privileges, as well as to be informed or/ and participate at the Company’s promotions (competitions, etc.).

Service improvement and measurements: Furthermore, the Company collects information anytime you visit us online, as well as through E-mails we may exchange, regarding on how the User uses the services, as for example the displayed type or frequency and duration of his activities. Furthermore, the Company collects information from or the regarding devices through which the User gets access to the services and according to the granted rights. The Company may relate the collected information from different devices, as this contributes to the consistency of the provided services. The collection of this data allows us to personalize your online experience, to improve the efficiency, the usability and efficiency of the website and the valuation of the marketing efficiency.

More specifically we collect connection information, as:
· the mobile telephone provider’s name or the internet providers name (ISP),
· the language and time zone of the browser,
· the geographical location of the accessing device, as well as the type (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)
·the ΙΡ-address of electronic devices, through which you got access to the website.

IP-Address: IP-Address is a number assigned to your electronic device each time you access the internet and for information security reasons and diagnosis of systems, this data are collected anytime you visit the website. They are also used to analyze trends and the website’s efficiency as well as to extract statistics on frequency of visits.

Cookies: The Company uses Cookies. Cookies are small text files (txt) identifying the User, which are stored in the hard drive of the User’s computer or electronic device in general during the visit in the website, in order to facilitate access, uninterrupted function of the Company’s services and collection of data for the improvement of the websites content and the overall User’s browsing experience. Cookies do not cause damage to the User’s device and the stored files on this device, to which they may have access. They may include the browser type used by the User, the type of computer, the operating system, the internet providers and more information of such kind. Cookies alone are not able to identify the User. During the visit in the website, a warning signal (banner) will appear which shall require the consent on collecting Cookies. If you don’t grant your consent, the computer or your electronic device shall not be observed for activities relevant to service promotion, but other types, called user-input cookies, are not excluded, because they are possibly required in order to maintain the necessary functionality. Your preference shall be stored in a cookie and it will be valid for a period of 365 days. If you wish to withdraw your preference, you have to delete the cookies in your browser. Although, most of the browsers accept cookies automatically, you may choose not to accept them through the browser settings (an option which is often in the Tools or Preferences menu of your browser). You may also delete cookies anytime from your device. But you should be aware that if you don’t accept cookies, you may not be able to experience some of the websites features, which may not operate properly during your visit. More detailed information on cookies management is available in the internet and for example in the website www.allaboutcookies.org.
The Company uses the aforementioned information, in order to evaluate and improve its services, to develop new features and to conduct inspections to address any problems and to improve advertisement and measurement systems, at its disposal. Furthermore, the Company uses information at its disposal, in order to verify accounts and activities and to promote safety, whether in the framework of the provided services whether outside, by investigating for example suspicious activities or breaches of its terms or policies.

The Company uses Google Analytics. You can find more information on how the Company uses του Google Analytics here: http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html

Web Beacons: : The Company uses web beacon. Web beacon is a small file, that can be used for data collection from your device, for example IP-Addresses, duration of each website view, the browser type used for access, as well as the existence of cookies, deriving from the same server. The Company uses these files, in order to evaluate the efficiency of third parties’ websites, which link to the website or for cookies management and statistics on frequency of visits. By declining the relevant cookies, web beacons are deactivated, as wells as regarding information which would be recorded, but there still exists the possibility of tracking your IP-Address.

The Company enables the notification of its individual websites through social media. These social media applications may collect and use information regarding the use of the Company’s website from you. We do not control or are responsible for the use of your information by these applications.

The User’s personal data collected by the Company are kept as long as they are necessary for the uninterrupted provision of services and in any case for a period no longer that one year.

4. Processing personal data by third parties

We may disclose your personal data to service providers, corporate partners and third parties, under the current legislation. For example the Company may assign a specialized company with the processing of your personal data, as laid down in these terms.

The Company may disclose personal data only in compliance with the present and/or if required by the current legislation. Agreements with these corporate partners shall limit the purposes of disclosure and processing your personal data, as laid down in these terms and sufficient protection of your personal data will be required.

The Company may store your personal data on cloud. This means that your personal data may be processed by cloud service providers in the name of the Company and that your personal data may be stored in different locations all over the world. The Company uses organizational and contractual measures to protect your personal data and to impose similar measures, but in no case less restrictive requirements to our cloud service providers, including requirements regarding processing your personal data exclusively for purposes laid down in these terms.

During browsing in the Company’s website, you may meet links to other websites, for practical and informational reasons. These websites may operate individually from the Company and have their own notes, declarations and privacy policies. We recommend you to read them, in order to understand how your personal data are processed regarding the specific websites, because we are not responsible for the content of the locations belonging to other companies or websites whose management belongs to other companies, nor for the use or the privacy practices of these websites.

5. User’s rights

The user has the Right of access his personal data, that have been collected and processed by the Company, as well as the Right to information, upon relevant request by E-mail at the E-mail address dpo@michalakis.gr. (hereinafter: «Ηλεκτρονική Διεύθυνση»)

The user may request the transmission of his personal data (portability), as well as the restriction, change, correction, completion or and the complete deletion of his/her personal data, which have been processed by the Company or third parties in the name of the Company. Therefore the User may contact the competent Department of the Company through the E-Mail address and the Company shall reply to his request within reasonable time, provided that the request is in accordance to law and reasonable.

The User has the possibility to withdraw his earlier given consent for processing his personal data, by addressing himself to the aforementioned E-mail address. Upon auditing the respective request, the Company shall satisfy his request within reasonable time of one month, provided that the request is in accordance to law and reasonable.

If you have any questions or you need any information regarding processing and protection of personal data, you may contact the Company by E-mail at the aforementioned E-mail address.

The User reserves in any case the Right to file complaint before the Data Protection Authorities (1-3, Kifisias Street, P.C. 115 23, Athens, +30 210 6475600, contact@dpa.gr )

3. Limitation of liability
The online store eshop.michalakis.gr provides the Content (e.g. information, names, pictures, images) and products which are distributed through the website “just like they appear”. The online store eshop.michalakis.gr bears in no case liability for any legal or civil or/and penal claims nor for any damages (positive, special or loss of earnings, which indicative and no restrictive consists in loss of earnings, data, lost opportunities, compensation, etc.) by website visitors or third parties, due to reasons related to the function or malfunction or/and the use of the website or/and inability to provide services or/and information provided by him/her or/and due to eventually unauthorized interventions by third parties on products or/and information provided.

4. Features of the products

The online store eshop.michalakis.gr shall make any effort to depict as accurately as possible the presented products by pictures, descriptions, etc. However, the present website may include errors (printing, numerical and depiction errors).

The present website may content links to websites of third parties. The online store eshop.michalakis.gr is not responsible for the content of these pages, as well as for any issue arising due to their use, as the visitor has access on his own risk.

The online store eshop.michalakis.gr shall make any effort to provide best function of the present website, but it does not guarantee that the functions of the website or the servers will be θα uninterrupted or without any kind of error, virus free or other similar conditions

5. Use of the Website

Log in and use of the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr is only allowed for legal purposes, only by natural or legal entities with full legal capacity to act so and on a way which does not restrict or impede the use by third parties. The visitor is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, the principles of morality and the present terms, and to avoid actions or omissions which may cause damage or malfunction to this website, affect or put the services of the online store eshop.michalakis.gr in danger.

6. Amendments of the present Terms

The Website/online store eshop.michalakis.gr reserves the right to amend, add, alter the website’s content, as well as the present Terms of use, whenever the Company deems it necessary and without prior notice, only by announcement through its website. Therefore, you are asked to consult the present Terms of use as often as possible. Therefore, orders are governed by the General terms, available at the website and therefore valid from the day of placing the order.

Any dispute may arises, regarding the placed order/-s through the present website of the Company or regarding the present Terms of use, fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Heraklion- Crete.

7. Prices of products

All prices shown in the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr are in Euros and they include the applicable legal VAT. They do not include shipping costs, taxes, duties or fees, which may apply according to the place of delivery of your order. The online store eshop.michalakis.gr reserves the right to adjust prices at any time.

8. Applicable Law
All transactions completed through the online store eshop.michalakis.gr are governed by the International and European Law that regulates electronic commerce (Regulation 2000/31/EC, PD 131/2003) as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (Greek law No. 2251/1994) which regulates subjects regarding distance selling.

9. Security

For each payment through PayPal or credit card, the online store eshop.michalakis.gr shall be informed by the competent PayPal or Bank services, only if the payment was successful or not and no credit card data are stored.

Information provided by you as customer during placing the order is audited in order to fight against credit card fraud. The Company is the recipient of information regarding the customer’s order. By not sending this information you obstruct transactions with the Company. No payment due to counterfeit or stolen credit card results recording personal data of the customer who placed the order, in a special file. Any illegal declaration or false information is also subject to special treatment.

10. Offers and gifts

The gifts given to you by eshop.michalakis.gr are offered accordingly to the main purchased product. These gifts are mentioned in the detailed pages of the regarded products. You may not require any discount or refund in case you decline the gifts given by the Company. Gifts pay not be returned or refunded.

Products in offer cannot be returned as well.

Finally, we note that no offer provided can be combined with another offer, except shipping free of charge, when the order costs exceed the amount mentioned in each case.

11. Placing orders

By placing your order and completing your purchase through the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr as a customer/buyer, you have full responsibility of the electronically given/send/completed data on the relevant order form of eshop.michalakis.gr.

12. Order confirmation

By completing your order through the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr, you receive the confirmation on your E-mail, provided that you gave us your address correctly.

13. Payment

At payments with credit or debit card or PayPal, your account shall be immediately charged with the value of the products and the value of the shipping costs, where applicable, at the time of completing the submission of your order. The Company reserves its right to decline any order.

14. Payment methods

Payment methods appear in the Page Payment methods.
The Company has the right to decline any order from a customer with payment problems in the past.

15. Invoicing

The order form which is filled in by the customer through the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr is not an invoice/ purchase receipt. Regardless the way of placing the order and the payment method, you receive an invoice/purchase receipt when receiving the product, inside the package. The Company reserves the right to maintain at its disposal a copy of every invoice/purchase receipt.

16. Packaging

The products to be shipped are packed with highest care and they comply with all relevant Regulations. Procedures and technology used are developed to improve packaging and they aim above all to your satisfaction.

17. In case of strikes and force majeure

The online store eshop.michalakis.gr will make any effort to inform you about the progression of the shipment of your purchase in case if transportation companies or post offices strike or in any other cases of force majeure.

18. Liability for connections (links)

Websites which are direct or indirect connected with the online store eshop.michalakis.gr are not under the Company’s control. Accordingly, the online store eshop.michalakis.gr does not accept any responsibility for information published in these websites. Links to third websites are only provided for your convenience.

19. Security clause

If any individual terms of the General Terms become partially or totally null or not applicable, the applicability or/and validity of the remaining terms is not affected. Null or/and not applicable terms shall be replaced by term which are closest to the meaning and the purpose of the null or not applicable terms from financial scope. The same applies for issues which are not explicitly regulated by the General Terms.

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