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The Company Emmanouil Michalakis ΑΒEGΤΚΕ, places to your disposal the online store “eshop.michalakis.gr” to purchase products displayed in its websites.

By visiting the website ”eshop.michalakis.gr” or by using material from these websites, you accept following terms, due to that the Terms of use govern the rights and obligations regarding the website/ online store “eshop.michalakis.gr” and the contractual relationship between the ”eshop.michalakis.gr” and its members/ users. Please note that you are not allowed to use the website, if you don’t accept the following terms and if you are younger than 18 years old, as required by law. Furthermore, with each entry in the website/ online store “eshop.michalakis.gr” , whether as visitor or as member, you certify again your agreement with these Terms of use.

1. Intellectual property

The content of this website is intellectual property of the online store eshop.michalakis.gr. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. All intellectual property rights of the present website belong to the online store eshop.michalakis.gr or to third parties, legally concerned. By accessing this website, you agree and accept the aforementioned Intellectual property Laws.

Names, pictures, logos and distinctive features, which represent the online store eshop.michalakis.gr or third parties and the products, are exclusively features of the online store eshop.michalakis.gr or of third parties, protected by the regarding Trademark Laws. Their appearance in the website shall not be understood as a transfer or granting licenses or right of use.

Any copy, distribution, transfer, processing, resale, creation of derivative works or misleading of the public regarding the real website content provider, is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, downloading, announcement, distribution or broadcasting or any other use of the Content for any purpose or mean for commercial or other purposes, is only allowed prior written consent of the online store eshop.michalakis.gr or any other copyright holder.

2. Limitation of liability

The online store eshop.michalakis.gr provides the Content (e.g. information, names, pictures, images) and products which are distributed through the website “just like they appear”. The online store eshop.michalakis.gr bears in no case liability for any legal or civil or/and penal claims nor for any damages (positive, special or loss of earnings, which indicative and no restrictive consists in loss of earnings, data, lost opportunities, compensation, etc.) by website visitors or third parties, due to reasons related to the function or malfunction or/and the use of the website or/and inability to provide services or/and information provided by him/her or/and due to eventually unauthorized interventions by third parties on products or/and information provided.

3. Features of the products

The online store eshop.michalakis.gr shall make any effort to depict as accurately as possible the presented products by pictures, descriptions, etc. However, the present website may include errors (printing, numerical and depiction errors).

The present website may content links to websites of third parties. The online store eshop.michalakis.gr is not responsible for the content of these pages, as well as for any issue arising due to their use, as the visitor has access on his own risk.

The online store eshop.michalakis.gr shall make any effort to provide best function of the present website, but it does not guarantee that the functions of the website or the servers will be θα uninterrupted or without any kind of error, virus free or other similar conditions

4.Use of the Website

Log in and use of the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr is only allowed for legal purposes, only by natural or legal entities with full legal capacity to act so and on a way which does not restrict or impede the use by third parties. The visitor is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, the principles of morality and the present terms, and to avoid actions or omissions which may cause damage or malfunction to this website, affect or put the services of the online store eshop.michalakis.gr in danger.

5. Amendments of the present Terms

The Website/online store eshop.michalakis.gr reserves the right to amend, add, alter the website’s content, as well as the present Terms of use, whenever the Company deems it necessary and without prior notice, only by announcement through its website. Therefore, you are asked to consult the present Terms of use as often as possible. Therefore, orders are governed by the General terms, available at the website and therefore valid from the day of placing the order.

Any dispute may arises, regarding the placed order/-s through the present website of the Company or regarding the present Terms of use, fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Heraklion- Crete.

6. Prices of products

All prices shown in the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr are in Euros and they include the applicable legal VAT. They do not include shipping costs, taxes, duties or fees, which may apply according to the place of delivery of your order. The online store eshop.michalakis.gr reserves the right to adjust prices at any time.

7. Applicable Law

All transactions completed through the online store eshop.michalakis.gr are governed by the International and European Law that regulates electronic commerce (Regulation 2000/31/EC, PD 131/2003) as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (Greek law No. 2251/1994) which regulates subjects regarding distance selling.

8. Security

For each payment through PayPal or credit card, the online store eshop.michalakis.gr shall be informed by the competent PayPal or Bank services, only if the payment was successful or not and no credit card data are stored.

Information provided by you as customer during placing the order is audited in order to fight against credit card fraud. The Company is the recipient of information regarding the customer’s order. By not sending this information you obstruct transactions with the Company. No payment due to counterfeit or stolen credit card results recording personal data of the customer who placed the order, in a special file. Any illegal declaration or false information is also subject to special treatment.

9. Offers and gifts

The gifts given to you by eshop.michalakis.gr are offered accordingly to the main purchased product. These gifts are mentioned in the detailed pages of the regarded products. You may not require any discount or refund in case you decline the gifts given by the Company. Gifts pay not be returned or refunded.

Products in offer cannot be returned as well.

Finally, we note that no offer provided can be combined with another offer, except shipping free of charge, when the order costs exceed the amount mentioned in each case.

10. Placing orders

By placing your order and completing your purchase through the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr as a customer/buyer, you have full responsibility of the electronically given/send/completed data on the relevant order form of eshop.michalakis.gr.

11. Order confirmation

By completing your order through the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr, you receive the confirmation on your E-mail, provided that you gave us your address correctly.

12. Payment

At payments with credit or debit card or PayPal, your account shall be immediately charged with the value of the products and the value of the shipping costs, where applicable, at the time of completing the submission of your order. The Company reserves its right to decline any order.

13. Payment methods

Payment methods appear in the Page Payment methods.
The Company has the right to decline any order from a customer with payment problems in the past.

14. Invoicing

The order form which is filled in by the customer through the website/ online store eshop.michalakis.gr is not an invoice/ purchase receipt. Regardless the way of placing the order and the payment method, you receive an invoice/purchase receipt when receiving the product, inside the package. The Company reserves the right to maintain at its disposal a copy of every invoice/purchase receipt.

15. Packaging

The products to be shipped are packed with highest care and they comply with all relevant Regulations. Procedures and technology used are developed to improve packaging and they aim above all to your satisfaction.

16. In case of strikes and force majeure

The online store eshop.michalakis.gr will make any effort to inform you about the progression of the shipment of your purchase in case if transportation companies or post offices strike or in any other cases of force majeure.

17. Liability for connections (links)

Websites which are direct or indirect connected with the online store eshop.michalakis.gr are not under the Company’s control. Accordingly, the online store eshop.michalakis.gr does not accept any responsibility for information published in these websites. Links to third websites are only provided for your convenience.

18. Security clause

If any individual terms of the General Terms become partially or totally null or not applicable, the applicability or/and validity of the remaining terms is not affected. Null or/and not applicable terms shall be replaced by term which are closest to the meaning and the purpose of the null or not applicable terms from financial scope. The same applies for issues which are not explicitly regulated by the General Terms.

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